How it works

We return lost keys

Register your KeyFinder here before use. Only when you register with us,  you can be sure that we have your contact data on file and that we can return your keys should you lose them.

Lost and found keys can simply be put in the nearest post box.

When your keys arrive at our office, we will call or phone you at once – thanks to your unique code, we can unmistakably identify your keys.

We will immediately return your keys by post.

Q & A

Frequently asked questions.

How can I find out for how long my KeyFinder account is still active?

We will inform you about your expiry date whenever you want. Simply contact us via email, fill in the contact form or give us a call and mention your KeyFinder number and your name.

What do I need to do if I change address?

You can inform us about your changed address here. Our customer service is also always happy to help: telephone +41 55 416 50 55

Will KeyFinder return my keys even if I lose them abroad?

Yes, the system also works abroad. Your set of keys can be put in any post box – the postal service will pass it on to KeyFinder AG. We will then return your keys to the address you provided.

Are there any costs to having my keys returned by KeyFinder?

Having your keys returned to you merely costs CHF 14.00 for postage and packaging – nothing compared to buying new keys or indeed to having your locks changed.

Q & A

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