KeyFinder Business

The useful freebie

If your company logo has managed to become part of your customers’ everyday lives, you’ve done everything right. Almost everyone carries around a set of keys, and who wants to chase lost keys or – worst case scenario – have to change all the locks? This makes the KeyFinder Business the ideal freebie to give to your customers. Quite apart from actually being very useful, your company will, in a subtle way, always be present.

Design template

KeyFinder Business as classic fob

The classic KeyFinder has already been in use since 1990, and most people are familiar with the concept. With KeyFinder, lost keys will always find their way back to you.

Design template

KeyFinder Business as leather strap

Lose your keys in style the elegant leather strap will give your customers peace of mind. Just like with every other KeyFinder, the fob and keys will be returned to them, should they inadvertently lose them.


Available from 200 pieces

We are able to offer you attractive conditions, starting at orders of 200 KeyFinder products featuring your company logo, club logo or fantasy logo.


      5-year term
From 200 pieces   CHF 18.00 / piece
From 500 pieces   CHF 16.50 / piece
From 1000 pieces   CHF 15.00 / piece

Plus a one-off manufacturing cost of CHF 450.00, all prices are excl. VAT



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